The Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Strategy Centre (KISC) is a collaborative initiative involving research teams both within and beyond the University of Nicosia. It strives to tackle fundamental inquiries concerning knowledge acquisition, innovation, and strategic methodologies for societal advancement. Our dedicated team focuses on various research areas, including knowledge management, open innovation, digital transformation, digital innovation, service innovation, smart cities, business model innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy.

Through KISC, our team brings together expertise, experience, and research capabilities in these fields, emphasising the intersection of knowledge management, innovation, and strategy. Our primary objective is to enrich the educational community of the University of Nicosia, by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and taking into account the socioeconomic and organisational dimensions of our contemporary world. The Centre endeavours to bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application in the realm of business.

KISC operates with a foundation built on three core principles:

  1. Investigation of phenomena related to knowledge management: We prioritise the exploration of designing, producing, and implementing new knowledge and innovation within various organisational contexts in today’s world.
  2. Examination of phenomena related to innovation: Our focus is to conduct in-depth scientific research on innovation within modern organisations, offering novel approaches to navigate the complexities of the global society and economy.
  3. Exploration of phenomena related to strategy: We seek to understand the contemporary dynamics of corporate strategy in the increasingly intricate ecosystemic dynamics surrounding organisations on a global scale.

The Centre actively engages in research projects, organises specialised high-level courses to promote scientific research, and participates in international conferences. Our aim is to foster a dynamic environment of scientific dialogue that stimulates innovation and intellectual advancement within the global academic community.