The Blockchain Research Centre (BRC), an entity within the University of Nicosia Research Foundation (UNRF) has been created to tap on the potentials of the emerging technology of blockchain and its applications.

More specifically, the BRC aims to provide excellence as the goal is to establish a world-class centre on these emerging technologies, which will integrate, expand the scope and strengthen the inter-disciplinary research already carried out in this evolving field.

The establishment of the BRC in an emerging and dynamic field of inter-disciplinary research has been able to uniquely position and drive maximum results in the country and beyond, through increased scientific capability, connectivity, and visibility. The BRC contributes to necessary conditions which are able to boost research funding and investment and researchers within the BRC play a major role within the University of Nicosia Blockchain Technologies Initiative. The Initiative was established in response to requests from Distance Learning Students from across the globe to allow payments of their tuition through digital currency platforms such as that of Bitcoin. However, the Initiative went even further, successfully launching the world’s 1st Master’s Degree in Digital Currency. In addition to the accredited Master’s Programme, the Blockchain Training Series – a portfolio of Continuous Professional Development courses on blockchains to date – has been launched. Such activities have already drawn immense interest and publicity from well-respected global media such as Reuters, Euronews, and the Wall Street Journal.

Ensuring quality results in research, the BRC has recruited professionals who maintain deep knowledge regarding the technology and teach courses to the students of the Master’s Degree in Digital Currencies. Having already achieved significant progress and the field and putting Cyprus on the map of blockchain researchers, the BRC is sure to deliver outstanding output and results through its activities.