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Citizens Public Forum FuturEU: Our Borders, Our Security”

Transnational Forum on campus – Part of the Citizens’ Reflections on the Future of Europe (FuturEU Project)

The University of Nicosia Research Foundation (UNRF), as a partner of a European project entitled: Citizens’ Reflections on the Future of Europe (FuturEU), funded by the European for Citizens Programme, cordially invites you to a transnational forum on 22 March at the UNESCO Amphitheatre from 09:30-14:00.

The project aims to foster the debate and engage local societies in eight Member States, by covering the most pressing issues of European integration in the context of the Debate for the Future of Europe and the thematic reflection papers: Social Europe, globalisation and migration, economic and monetary union, EU finances, EU defence, digital Europe and youth.

Involved citizens from different Member States will have the opportunity to share their perceptions, ideas and experiences on the future of the EU. More analytically, citizens from eight Member States will reflect upon and propose concrete solutions that can be found through EU cooperation in support of the initiatives carried out by the EU institutions in the field. Debates, cultural events and constructive dialogues, among various stakeholders, will strive for common, accepted solutions at both the local and national level, and will exchange thoughts and opinions at European level in an attempt to influence politicians and policy makers on promoting intercultural dialogue; combating inequality; and fostering tolerance and empathy; which, in turn, will bring about more cohesive, respectful, peaceful and tolerant EU societies.

UNRF is going to welcome its partners on 22 March at the University’s premises. Within the theme of “Citizens Public Forum FuturEU: Our Borders, Our Security” and “Divided Capital Visit”, we would like to involve inter-disciplinary groups of students who will be engaged in a debate based on the Reflection Paper on the future of EU on security and defence.

The forum will debate on the changing forms of radicalisation, violence, terrorism and their impact on citizens and how peace and intolerance could be achieved. Students are invited to share in 10min presentations/mini dialogue their experiences and/or ideas based on living and studying in Nicosia within the above context. The forum will be followed by a study visit in both parts of Nicosia, which students are very welcome to attend.

A certificate of participation will be provided, plus lunch to all participants.

For registrations, please contact Ms. Despina Cochliou via email at [email protected].

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